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Hi! We are Acuity Consulting.

For the past 18 years, we have developed a reputation of technical excellence.

We are experts in the most recent technologies from our main partners; Microsoft, Sage, Kofax, & VMware.

Acuity has a unique position within the the market place. Our specialty is to assist resellers and end users of with with complex business processes, complex software implementations, modifications and other related technical issues.

Our developers and consultants are trained in many complementary technologies; thus the wide line of products and services that we offer.

Our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction and value has been rewarded with a high percentage of repeat business and steady growth.


Our goal is to build and maintain strong, lasting relationships with our customers. Over the years, we have made many connections and built relationships upon the foundation of constantly helping businesses succeed.

We take pride in the fact that our clients have cutting edge solutions to keep their business technologically agile. Helping business ensure a safe and productive environment is the service we continue to deliver. Technology is defining factor in how fast a business progresses. When we deploy the solutions we offer, our customers are pleased to see how much it has helped them to improve.

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Why choose us

Multi-Industry Knowledge

With our long term experience in the IT industry we have had the opportunity to work with many different types of companies. We have a strong understanding of Distribution, Food, Finance, Logistics, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Retail, and Warehousing.

Fortune 500 Partnerships

Our partnerships with fortune 500 software and hardware resellers allow us to provide our customers with the best rates on hardware and software.

Global Resources

We have many resources throughout the globe, allowing us to provide you support 24/7.

Secure Frameworks

When providing solutions to your business, we always prioritize security.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction for any products we develop. If something in our development is not to your liking, we will adjust the software till it is.

We can build anything you need

The years of experience we have with multiple industries there is little we have not yet seen. If you come to Acuity with a business need, we can implement technology to help solve it.

Our leaders


Edward Escarsega

CE Headshot

Christian Escarsega

Managing Partner

Jesus Ponce

Sales Representative

We are open for new projects. Let's bring your creative ideas to life together!


Having obtained his experience beginning with networking/hardware, Christian has the base foundation needed to understand the intertwining between software and hardware. Christian has spent the last 4 years obtaining experience in technology with high proficiency in: ERP/BPM system integrations, ERP User Security, Network/Hardware, and server virtualizations. He has successfully deployed instances Sage products, migrated entire production environments, and rebuilt networks.

Having researched and been trained in marketing, Christian has built numerous websites and led multiple social media campaigns promoting various businesses. Leading the effort to grow, Christian is expanding Acuity’s social media presence and focused on maintaining a name clients can build a strong relationship with.


Meet the founder of Acuity Consulting, Inc.  Edward has been in the computer industry for the last 20 years.  He has spent the last 10 years in the development and implementation of advanced accounting, finance and operational systems.  He has overseen the implementation of at least 80 systems over the last 10 years.  Edward has managed & developed the staff of Acuity Consulting.   Edward has assisted numerous clients with the successful implementation/customization of their systems.

Prior to Acuity, Edward owned a company called IntraNet, Inc.. Intranets focus was providing network and hardware services. This company implemented Lan & WAN systems based on Novell ‘s Netware and Microsoft’s networking technologies.  IntraNet also provide 24/7 Support for Mission Critical Systems – Banking Industry.

Prior to IntraNet Edward worked at various computer companies providing support for CAD/CAM, Solids Modeling Analysis, General Business systems.


With a background of hardware/software integrations Caleb has the experience needed for Acuity to conduct implementations to our clients’ environments. Knowledge in virtualization, deploying operating systems and ERP/BPM software Caleb is a valuable resource here at Acuity.

When faced with large scale projects such as upgrading software of migrating whole environments Caleb has knowledge crucial to completing projects with a positive outcome and completely dependable deployments. Deployment is his specialty.