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Our Services

We maintain a professional staff with experience in all areas of computer technology in order to remain a powerful resource to our clients. Over the years we have been very successful in helping our clients determine the right solutions to their technology plan, implementing those solutions and continuing to support their ongoing day-to-day operations.

Our roots lie in the design, implementation, and support of network computing environments. This original skill set is almost mandatory for programming 2/3 tier accounting and production systems. We have not let this original skill set deteriorate but instead have nourished it through continuous training, ongoing support of existing customers, and new network implementations.

What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning

We offer flagship ERP products with the benefit of having the ability to highly customize the software specifically for your company. Keep up with your competitors by implementing top performing software and ensure workflow is highly optimized.

Cloud Hosting

Eliminate the potential for failure by outsourcing your application hosting to us. We offer solutions worthy of handling production grade applications requiring the best hardware on the market.

Software Development

We can develop solutions custom tailored for your business. Whether we have to interface to an existing system, or design a system from scratch our seasoned team can write software to suit your needs.

Managed IT Services

Our managed IT Services allow small businesses to operate without the need for staff to conduct troubleshooting on their own technology. 

Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery solutions were built to keep your business operating even with the worst occurences from global events or from local inconveniences. We can have applications online in geographically diverse environments.


We are able to assist our customers with implementing networking solutions to their needs. We can configure VPNs, Firewalls, expand networks and connect multiple locations. Whatever the issue may be, Acuity is capable of deploying advanced network solutions for any environment.


Integrate payment processing into your production environment.

We partner with the best vendors to offer platforms that integrate seamlessly into your business. Whether you need an ERP payment integration or front end credit card transactional integration for your business, we can help! 

Contact us so we can further assist you and begin implementing payment processing into your business. 

Our Technology


Our developers have knowledge and experience with developing queries for SQL server, and creating applications that are highly customizable built according to the exact description of what our customers want. 


Having a virtualized infrastructure allows for various servers to be hosted on one physical host. The benefit of having VMware hosts means that servers can be spun up and restored within minutes. Business Software Components are able to be separated accross multiple Virtual Machines. These machines are portable and make restoring data very easy. VMware is a cost effective solution for hardware efficiency and data security.

We are open for new projects. Let's bring your creative ideas to life together!