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Document Intelligence


 Acuity Consulting can automate paper driven Processes and reduce costs by extracting critical Information from paper documents, e-documents and forms, and transforming them into retrievable information. Experienced in both ERP and ECM systems, our solutions deliver complete end-to-end automation, empowering people, reducing paperwork and providing the necessary tools to adhere to best practice principles. Acuity Consulting specializes in solutions for automated invoice processing, transaction workflow, forms and correspondence processing a concept otherwise known as Document Intelligence.  With 20 years of experience in the document delivery, content management and capture marketplace, Acuity Consulting is a leading provider of business process automation solutions. Acuity Consulting has established its reputation providing industry leading solutions that streamline the flow of information throughout an organization. Acuity Consulting handles the capture, transformation and exchange of business-critical information arising in paper, fax and electronic formats in a more accurate, timely and cost-effective manner.

This is an image of the Ephesoft Logo a company that provides Document Intelligence solutions.

Many organizations face challenges efficiently extracting data from mediums such as paper. Data entry can be very time consuming when entering information from paper into a digital document. Our partner, Ephesoft Inc. offers a robust solution for document processing. 

Ephesoft Transact can streamline this process and automate the entry of data into your database. This software scans documents and imports them into your data storage. The end users simply: scan their documents, log into Ephesoft, process their batch of items, and allow the data from the documents flow into your database. This solution saves time for your users, and allows for data entry to be far more automated. This software is highly customizable and allows a business to easily refine the workflow for this process.


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  • Enterprise software solutions emphasizing Business Process Management, Document Management, Content Management, Publishing Systems using multiple BPM platforms including Ephesoft Enterprise, Kofax KTA, KC, KTM, FileNet (IBM), EMC Documentum, EMC Captiva, DST(AWD),TELOGIS, EDI X12

  • Industries: Supply Chain, Automotive, Finance, Entertainment, Insurance (life, commercial, and auto) and Government

  • We have created two white papers used by IBM’s pre-sales and marketing teams

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization

  • Lead Architect for application teams in Hyderabad, Hanoi, and Derry Ireland

    • Practicing Principles: Parsimony (Occam’s Razor – Keep It Simple), Design Fundamental Components for Re usability and Repeat ability preferring composition over inheritance

    • Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring: Defined business analysis approach, stakeholder analysis, plan activities and communications, requirements management process

    • Requirements Management and Communication: Managed solution scope, requirements analysis, trace ability, and requirements communication

    • Solution Assessment: Evaluated solution recommendations, resource allocations, organizational readiness, transition requirements, and validation approach

    • Practicing Methods: Acceptance and evaluation criteria definition, bench marking, brainstorming, business rules analysis, data dictionary and glossary, data flow diagrams, decision analysis, document analysis, estimation, functional decomposition, interface analysis, interviews, lessons learned process, metrics and key performance indicators, non-functional requirements analysis, observation, organization modeling, problem tracking, process modeling, prototyping, requirements workshops, risk analysis, use cases, user stories, and vendor assessments