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Sage 500 Add-On: "2-Way" Integration to Infor CRM

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Acuity Consulting, Inc. has created procedures that will import sales order header and detail information into Sage 500 from Infor CRM Quotes. The source tables within the CRM database are accessed by utilizing views defined in the Sage 500 “app” database on SQL server. The data is retrieved from the source tables within the CRM database and placed into staging tables to be uploaded to the ERP. From the staging tables, the data is imported to Sage 500 using API routines. Customer related information is also synchronized between the database and Sage with a similar process that will update the customer status within Infor CRM. Additional views and synchronization tasks have been created which can be scheduled at any interval the customer desires.  This allows Infor CRM users to access necessary Sage 500 information in “real time” from within Infor CRM, including the following:

• Credit status for Customer

Sales Quotes

• Sales Orders

• Order Conversion History

• Payment History

• Aged Receivables

• Inventory stock status information

• Sales Order Shipment Tracking Numbers

Credit Card pre-authorization has also been incorporated into the CRM quote conversion to Sales Order. This process allows the user to assure payment will be made prior to creating an actual Sales Order.

If you or your company is considering this customization for your business needs, feel free to get in touch with us below. We would be happy to assist with any questions you may have.