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This MAS500 enhancement is to apply discounts, allowances, and accruals with client’s business logics and follow through ordering process. Discounts and allowances are populated within Sales order entry and flow through to the Accounts Receivable invoice screen.


To process discounts, allowances and accruals, a user will follow the process described below:

1. Setup discounts, allowances and accruals Category

2. Setup discounts, allowances and accruals items

3. Enter a sales order

4. Generate a shipment

5. Create a invoice

6. Process accruals

Step 1, 2, and 6 are the customized screens and processes in order to accommodate the procedures. The remainder of the logic is embedded into the back end process to minimize the user errors.

1. Setup discounts, allowances and accruals category

Category defines these discounts, allowances, and accruals type, applicable GL account and how it applies to the order.