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The MAS 500 EDI Enhancement enables MAS 500 to generate and receive any type of EDI document. The enhancement consists of MAS 500 custom EDI maintenance screens used for maintenance and an Agent. The Agent screen is allows for monitoring, reviewing and re-processing inbound/outbound EDI documents as they are received from the EDI Provider. The MAS500 EDI Enhancement is designed to work seamlessly with E-Bridge, but can be tailored to interface with many other EDI providers.

Agent features:

  • Global/Individual On/Off for all Feeds
  • Individual schedule for each EDI Feed
  • User defined Partner Matrix- Individual matrix be Feed for Partner-Cust/Vend relation
  • Extensive Log of all EDI files received
  • Run Feeds manually
  • View data within the EDI Document

Agent – User interface for monitoring and viewing detailed information on EDI feeds. When user intervention is required many tasks can be performed from one screen.