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The Sales Tax Integration is a stored procedure based, back-end MAS 500 enhancement that automatically creates and updates tax codes/schedules using the sales tax data from most tax management products, including RIA. This stored procedure, back-end enhancement saves the time and money it would take to manually create or update sales tax information in MAS 500. The processing time of creating and/or updating thousands of tax codes is cut down to just minutes. Since tax codes change frequently, utilizing this stored procedure will ensure accurate additional and update of tax information automatically.

Sales tax schedules can be assigned to new and existing customers based on:

• Tax Class ID

o Merchandise Sales

o Service

• County & County Transit

• Local & Local Transit

• Zip Code

Any combination of the above classifications can be used to create or update sales tax schedules.

The typical process is to receive a flat file from the tax management company such as RIA and place that file in a common location and run the Sales Tax Integration process.

Only a few steps are needed to implement this enhancement.

1. Place file received from the tax service (usually a flat file like .csv or .txt) in a common location.

2. Create a DTS (Data Transformation Services) package in Microsoft SQL server to run the Sales Tax integration Process.

3. Run DTS package whenever tax updates are necessary.