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Customizing Sage 500 is Our Specialty.

We specialize in assisting resellers and end users of accounting software with complex implementations, modifications and technical issues.


SAGE 500 ERP from Sage Software offers the end user unprecedented access to financial and business management information. To take full advantage of SAGE 500’s potential, accurate system configuration is crucial. Acuity Consulting’s staff offer advanced functional and procedural knowledge to:

  • Define and re-engineer SAGE 500 business processes to assist in optimizing your clientele’s operations.
  • Assist your distribution clientele to you improve customer service, minimize inventory costs and automate replenishment workflow with our staff’s supply-chain and distribution experience.
  • Optimize multi-platform e-commerce solutions and your clientele’s Web sites to integrate with accounting, manufacturing and distribution solutions in SAGE 500.
  • Configure SAGE 500 to reflect the business procedures and management information that your customers require.

Acuity Consulting understands that a successful SAGE 500 implementation requires your clientele’s staff members be thoroughly trained. Our years of training experience allow your clientele’s end users to gain a smoother, more efficient means to complete of daily tasks.  Our staff utilizes their insight into your clientele’s operations to provide instruction to end users that result in sound decision-making and increased productivity. Acuity Consulting’s staff provides one on one training and classroom training, tailored to your clientele’s requirements. Our staff is dedicated to making your customers’ business operations more productive through knowledge.


Effective planning and management are the keys to a successful project. Acuity Consulting realizes that this is a true statement regardless of the size of the project. Time and money is lost if careful and thorough management practices are not employed when implementing a system or changes to a system. When you have an important information technology (IT) project, you can count on Acuity Consulting to follow processes that are proven to achieve your desired results – on schedule and within budget.

Acuity Consulting will work alongside your internal project team to create effective plans and establish good communications and control.


When your specialized business needs require customized software, our staff has the skills and experience to identify and implement valuable solutions. Acuity Consulting has helped small and medium sized organizations in most every industry with pre-packaged, as well as custom developed applications that have extended and complemented their business systems.
Whether you are replacing manual processes, eliminating a tedious data entry task, or providing enhancement to a slow process, the development specialists at Acuity Consulting will utilize proven application development practices to recommend, design, implement and support comprehensive solutions.


To alleviate some of the client/server latencies and licensing costs associated with clients, we have developed some applications which communicate utilizing Web Services. For example, we have created a standalone application which any user on a LAN, WAN and Internet. This application takes the necessary information from the user via the standalone application to create Vouchers, Purchase Orders, and other SAGE ERP 500 documents instantly.

Web Service Advantages

· Web services provide interoperability between various software applications running on disparate platforms.

· Web services use open standards and protocols. Protocols and data formats are text-based where possible, making it easy for developers to comprehend.

· By utilizing HTTP, web services can work through many common firewall security measures without requiring changes to the firewall filtering rules.

· Web services easily allow software and services from different companies and locations to be combined easily to provide an integrated service.

· Web services allow the reuse of services and components within an infrastructure.

Sales Cycle Assistance


Compliment the expertise of your staff with our proven product presentation.

Acuity Consulting’s staff understands how to apply their skills to solve your sales prospects’ real-life business problems. We can meet your prospect’s challenges across a range of industries and present proven solutions to assist in closing sales. Our team can assist your sales staff with product presentations tailored to your prospect’s requirements, address all inquiries from your prospect and provide guidance at any point during the sales cycle.

Advanced Data Migration


We have years of experience converting data into MAS 500 even prior to tools such as Data Migrator or Data Porter being available.

Acuity Consulting’s staff has years of experience converting data into SAGE 500 ERP even prior to tools such as Data Migrator or Data Porter being available. Our staff will translate data by transferring your clientele’s existing data, regardless of the format, electronically from their present accounting software system to SAGE 500 ERP . This will minimize data re-entry so your clientele can focus on implementing SAGE 500 ERP and not trivial tasks such as data entry.

Our team will also work with your clientele to build interfaces that allow information from existing accounting systems or third party software to flow seamlessly into SAGE 500 ERP either during initial data conversion or on an “on-going” basis.



We will be there every step of the way to ensure implementation is useful.

Our staff will work closely with your implementation team, using a proven methodology, gained only from the over eighty SAGE 500 implementations our staff has been involved with. Our goal is to complement each other’s skills. This partnership results in accurate, timely and professional work. Our team provides a comprehensive project management philosophy and technical expertise at whatever level your company requires. Working as a team with your staff members, you can rely on our proven track record which allows your company and clientele to receive a host of other benefits:

The years of experience our team has enables us to execute your project right the first time. This reduces the chance of costly overruns — saving you and your clientele time and money.

Your client’s new business management solution, SAGE 500, represents one of the most important investments they will make. Once your clientele begins using SAGE 500, they need to begin to see immediate benefits. Acuity Consulting’s year of experience implementing mid-market solutions provides our staff the tools to implement SAGE 500 ERP in the most efficient manner and enhance your clientele’s productivity.

Development & IT Services


Our development skillset compliments Sage 500 nicely.

We specialize in the integration and tailoring of computerized accounting solutions to suit the needs of your business.

Our roots lie in the design, implementation, and support of network computing environments. This original skill set is almost mandatory for programming 2/3 tier accounting and production systems. We have not let this original skill set deteriorate but instead have nourished it through continuous training, ongoing support of existing customers, and new network implementations.

We maintain a professional staff with experience in all areas of computer technology in order to remain a powerful resource to our clients. Over the years we have been very successful in helping our clients determine the right solutions to their technology plan, implementing those solutions and continuing to support their ongoing day-to-day operations.